Grand Solfeggio Tones

The Solfeggio Tones will help you become who you are, by listening to these tones, or vibrations, our DNA begins to realign into its original, divine shape. Click here >

Our DNA is changing!

OUR DNA is changing, scientific proof reveals that we are evolving to include the remainder of our 12 strands of DNA that are currently dormant... Read More >

Our DNA and How it is Changing

Bullet-proof scientific data confirms what mystics have said for thousands of years — life is being guided by an outside, intelligent force permeating the Cosmos.

Everything we think we know about DNA is changing. Four new studies have emerged to support our original hypothesis — that DNA, and life as we know it, is assembled by a universal energy field that appears to be conscious:

1. Normal conditions in space cause DNA-like helixes to form spontaneously. [See our previous article.]

2. “Junk DNA” now turns out to be just as active as the genes — completely trashing all mainstream models of how DNA works.

3. Bacteria grown in space are 300 percent more toxic than bacteria grown in identical conditions on Earth.

4. A simple marine organism spontaneously evolves after being zapped with a special form of light.


The Tones playing right now are:

TRACK 1: Solfeggio of the Earth and Sky (Heavenly) Universal Feminine and Archetypal Masculine Tones
TRACK 2: Solfeggio of the Moon (Heavenly) Archetypal, Divine and Universal Feminine Tones
TRACK 3: Solfeggio of the Sun (Earthly) Archetypal, Divine and Universal Masculine Tones

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